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About Us

One Tree At a Time

Re-Tree WNY was established on November 3, 2006 by a group of about 40 Western New York residents who saw first-hand the devastation done to our beautiful Western New York living resource — our trees — and decided to take action to re-forest every public area that was destroyed by the freak October 12-13 snowstorm.

Included on our committee is an eclectic group of professionals who have a passion for Greater Buffalo and a background for being “doers” in our committee. We have government leaders, media personalities, attorneys, park personnel, community activists, volunteer organizations, sales executives, promotional people, media people, retirees, and retail managers in our group.

Our mission is the same as our name, Re-Tree WNY. We are working on this project as a five-year plan with a goal to replace the approximately 30,000 trees in Western New York…

that were damaged or destroyed. Our first planting was on Arbor Day, April 27, 2007 where we planted 2,000 trees to get the project a strong jump-start.

There is fund-raising, stock to be purchased, volunteers and professionals to be organized and many needy towns to be taken care-of that lost their trees from the storm. We tackle neighborhood streets, parks (such as our unique and valuable Olmsted Parks), public venues, by-ways — any project that needs our help to renew a precious local resource that has suffered harm.

WE NEED YOUR help to do this: Volunteers to maintain & plant trees, work on fundraisers; offer recommendations; report where the needs are greatest; and SPREAD the WORD about Re-Tree WNY’s mission and urgent need of help to accomplish our mandate.

Click on the “How to Help” link at the top if you love trees and want to join us in our labor of love to return WNY to the beautiful tree-scape that is our heritage.

-Paul Maurer, Chairman, Re-Tree WNY

Voluntary Reforestation of Buffalo, NY