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How To Help

How To Help

Volunteer to Help

We will need hundreds of volunteers to help us do a massive tree planting all over Western New York to finish our project in the next couple of years.  Please consider joining us. E-mail [email protected] or call Paul at 716-553-4061. We could use large groups organized by churches, schools, colleges, corporations, etc. Since most of these plantings will be via the “bare root” tree planting method, anybody can help. We will train you.

How To Help

Help Us Obtain Grants

In collaboration with local elected officials at all levels of government and business leaders throughout the region, we are working to secure public and corporate grants to cover the expense of purchasing products and supplies, but individual donations made directly to Re-Tree WNY will provide the necessary resources to ensure our future success.

How To Help

Contact Your Legislator

As our federal legislators in Washington and state legislators in Albany are fighting to have appropriations for reforestation efforts directed to Western New York, they can use our help as concerned citizens in helping other legislators throughout the country and state understand the significant impact the October Storm had to one of our region’s most treasured assets. For more information on how to contact your federal and state representatives and to also ensure your town and city representatives are concerned with the tree canopy in your neighborhood, please visit For towns and cities located outside of Erie County, please contact your County Board of Elections for appropriate contact information.

How To Help


If you are interested in doing a neighborhood tree planting this fall in the City of Buffalo, Re-Tree WNY is asking all interested groups to follow the steps outlined below in order to secure trees for the fall planting:

Steps to Volunteer

Step 1: Register your group HERE

Step 2: Once your registration has been received and accepted, you will be able to access the online tree-planting database at the same site.

Step 3: The online tree-planting database will show specific locations in your neighborhood that have been pre-approved for tree planting. From this database, you can reserve your tree planting locations for the spring.

Step 4: After you have chosen the locations for your trees, you may choose a species from the suggested list provided by the database for each location. At this time, we cannot guarantee that the species you choose will be the species you receive, but we will do our best to honor selections.

Step 5: If this is your first neighborhood tree planting with us stay alert for further information regarding a MANDATORY tree planting informational session provided by the Olmsted Parks Conservancy. Otherwise all groups will receive regular reminders on upcoming dates and steps to be taken before the planting weekend.

Register Your Group Here

Voluntary Reforestation of Buffalo, NY