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We’re INCHES away….less than 100 trees from our 30,000th tree goal!

By April 3, 2019No Comments

We are in the final stretches of our goal of 30,000 trees planted by our all-volunteer army!

We have less than 100 to plant to reach the goal we set just after the storm of October 12-13, 2006 which destroyed 57,000 trees in the public areas of the Greater Buffalo area.

PLEASE don’t think we are done yet!

We still will be replacing trees from various calamities:  wind storms, disease, invasive insects, and general aging of the canopy.  We need to steward our 30,000 trees also.

Consider joining the Communi-Tree Steward training sessions that will be held weekly starting March 20, 2019 at the Delaware Park Lodge off Parkside Avenue in Delaware Park.

The link to this is: